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Ensure protected and sustained acceptable return on investment.

Prepare business leaders to successfully overcome continuous challenges due to rapid changes that are the distinguishing characteristic of the modern business environment. Teach leaders the importance of self-actualisation and to embrace the practice of life-long learning.

Our mission is to align companies to respond in time to market related challenges, which in turn will ensure protected and sustained growth. Pro-active solutions ensure sustainable success. We are committed to zero harm to all people and the environment We are committed, ethical people who indeed do what we say we will do Open, honest communication and free sharing of information Embracing our diversity enriched by openness, sharing, trust, teamwork and involvement Stretching our individual and team capabilities to achieve innovative and superior outcomes Execution is the name of the game. Everest Consulting specialises in building corporate wealth by facilitating the process of strategic development and the execution of the chosen strategy. Everest Consulting assists today’s business leaders to put their corporate strategy into action. Everest Consulting will work directly alongside you in your workplace, enabling you to effectively implement your strategy. Everest Consulting will provide you with the philosophy, methodologies, knowledge, skills, behaviour and tools to create strategy execution systems that engage everyone in your organisation to deliver the desired results. Everest Consulting offers the following services – The Business Audit Strategy development and execution Scenario Planning The change navigation-based scenario planning process (CNBSPP) Change management Turn-around management Coaching and Mentoring Corporate Governance and King IV Worthy of Investment Goals The Balanced scorecard Performance Management Incentive Schemes RMA Time management system – Result focused, Motive driven action plan Personal growth of employees Management training courses in the following subjects – Change Management Strategy Execution The Balanced Scorecard Corporate Governance

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Address: No 4 Spitzkoppe No 3 President Swart Road VAALPARK

Phone: +27 72 619 2167
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